Celebrity Hair Transformations

The popular website Byrdie just published “The Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2016 (So Far)
Amanda Montell by AMANDA MONTELL.” We absolutely love the transformations they spotlighted. Take a look at some of the absolute best haircut and color transformations that 2016 has shown us so far.

1781790-1464138174.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

Kristen Stewart went from a short textured style in deep brunette tones with some bronde balayage at the ends and transformed into a bleach blonde punk rock goddess. We love both looks, but the edgy blonde with dark roots lends a certain high fashion aspect to Kristen’s look. We also can’t help but revel in the way her and her stylist used this new hair style to take her Cannes looks to the next level. Pictured here is one of those such looks, where she sported messy locks, a la Kurt Cobain, and killer red eyeshadow. Talk about stepping your game up.

1781790-1464138181.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

Next on the list of transformations Bella Hadid
1781796-1464138215.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

Pictured above is the tried and true Bella look, straight down the middle part, shows off her features and of course looks amazing. However pictured below Bella sported some faux bangs at the Cannes Film Festival and we gotta say this was a major change up for her. It added an entirely new dynamic to her look. Will she be committing to this change for real?

1781796-1464138246.640x0c-1Celebrity Hair Transformations

And what about Taylor!? A list of transformations has to include this look…
1781798-1464138257.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

Taylor has added sophistication and a more grown up vibe to her look more than once at this point, however this stark choppy bleach blonde bob is her most successful take on a mature look. She appears more fashion forward, with some edge to this style – we really really like this look on Taylor and we have been saying just thank since spotting her Vouge May 2016 spread.

1781798-1464138262.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

Let’s talk about Sarah Hyland
1781800-1464138405.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations
Byrdie said it best- “You don’t have to go platinum to edge up your look. Hyland went the opposite route by coloring her hair jet black.” And boy does that edge up her style. From sunkissed brunette to raven hair’d lady Sarah is pulling this off.

1781800-1464138410.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

What about J. Law…
1781804-1464138442.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations
Jennifer has flexed from brunette to blonde more than a few times but this forray into super blondedom is really working for her. She might be known for being the makes fun of herself girl next door, but this look is a show stopper. We don’t think anyone will be calling her class clown looking like that.

1781804-1464138445.640x0cCelebrity Hair Transformations

We know the Kardashian’s clog up all of our beauty feeds on a regular basis but we couldn’t make this list without including…
1781812-1464138543.640x0c-583x1024Celebrity Hair Transformations

Khloe chopped her hair to a new Lob length and we have to say, it looks super fly. This new shape really does wonders for her face shape. It gives her lift and we really love this length worn wavy and full of body.

1781812-1464138551.640x0c-583x1024Celebrity Hair Transformations

Thanks Byrdie for these amazing transfomrations (for the full article

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Gigi Hadid Models Cool Jeans and Killer Hair for DenimLab

Gigi Hadid Models Cool Jeans for Penshoppe’s DenimLab. Whether she has a baseball cap on, sassy sunglasses on, or just rocking her middle part we can’t get enough of this lioness’s mane.
gigi-hair-1Gigi Hadid Models Cool Jeans and Killer Hair for DenimLab
Gigi’s length and textured waves give #longhairdontcare in the absolute best of ways.

gigi-hairGigi Hadid Models Cool Jeans and Killer Hair for DenimLab
We are also mesmerized by Gigi’s color. Our colorist Frank walked us through what we are seeing and why we love it so much. “Gigi’s base color at her root is a nice ash bronde tone. It straddles the bronde brunette line and also appears a lot less gold that the majority of popular bronde styles we are currently seeing. She also has some beautiful balayage work on her ends which brighten them up but still keep that ashy tone.” -Frank Colorist at Agnes O.
Gigi shows off a newer color and we are really loving how she’s working it!

Gigi-Hadid-Penshoppe-Denim-2016-Campaign04-768x432Gigi Hadid Models Cool Jeans and Killer Hair for DenimLab
In addition to coveting her color doesn’t she just make you crave some extensions? Those long locks flatter her style rather than weigh her down due to the soft texture and movement she’s sporting. Craving length but not sure you are ready to commit to tape ins or sew ins? Halo Couture is our recommended solution. Our favorite brand of extensions allow you to put in and take out your stunning 100% natural hair extensions at the drop of a hat. Curious? Give us a call and schedule a complimentary consultation today (312)-265-0481.

Gigi-Hadid-Penshoppe-Denim-2016-Campaign05-768x432Gigi Hadid Models Cool Jeans and Killer Hair for DenimLab
Oh Gigi, you give us such immense hair envy! Ladies let’s shoot for the stars and aim for Gigi Hadid hair.

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Best Hair Styles of Cannes 2016

Cannes 2016 is in full swing and the celebs are dressed to impressed and styled to wow. We are loving the hair looks that we have been seeing, let’s take a look at the best of the best so far.

cannes-annaBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Anna’s Cannes look is absolutely stunning, the yellow dress lifts and brightens the entire look but it’s the hair that was a marvel for us. This old Hollywood wave is really flattering without aging her. We really liked this combo.

cannes-bellaBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Bella Hadid, just like her sister, is popping up left and right rocking killer fashion looks. This slicked back bun and fresh face of dewy makeup shows off her features. We liked the clean simplicity of this look.

cannes-blakeBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
We showed off Blake’s first look in our last blog post, but she did not stop there. Her long hair was styled in an effortless California girl gone glam wavy style. Partner this execptional hair with beautiful makeup and a killer dress, you’ve got the classic Blake perfection we have come to expect from Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.

cannes-caitriona-BalfeBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Caitriona Balfe wore a lovely updo with a twist detail. This gorgeous look showed off her complexion and let her pink lip color be the focus. What great inspriration for the coming months when the weather heats up and you need a go to look that keeps your locks off your neck.

cannes-doutzenBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Doutzen is a show stopper no matter what she wear but we are really enjoying this hair color on her. This shade of blonde with balayage highlights really give her a glow. Her skin looks golden and her minimalistic make shows off the hair color and plays up her naturally stunning eyes.

cannes-jessicaBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Ever since Jessica Chastain revealed her lob haircut we haven’t been able to get enough of this style. The length is perfect and the wavy texture really is the cherry on top. She makes us want to chop off our hair and try a #Lob.

cannes-juliaBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Julia Roberts lights up the room with her smile, but what we couldn’t take our eyes off was her
tousled undo low updo. The face framing pieces gave this look the softness it needed, especially being paired with her suit style. It was absolute perfection.

cannes-kirsten-look-2Best Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Kirsten Dunst shows off a very blonde style at Cannes. The brightness of her blonde, the lack of roots, and her red lip steals the show and gives her a glamours finish.

cannes-kirsten-look-3Best Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Kristen has also made an appearance on our talked about list for Cannes already this season and she continues to slay with her cool girl style. We love that she always brings her own flair to each look, pairing casual pieces with high fashion ones for the perfect finished look. This bleach blonde messy lob is one of our favorite hair styles she’s ever rocked.

cannes-lily-donaldsonBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Lily Donaldson shows us how a middle part is done! This soft pulled back look really spotlights her deep lip color. (Made popular at this years’ Met Gala) The plunging neckline really works with the hair pulled back, she looks chic and very fashion forward.

cannes-susanBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Susan can do no wrong in our book, this too cool style with her sunnies and wind tossed hair is works perfectly for the French film festival.

cannes-victoriaBest Hair Styles of Cannes 2016
Last but not least, Victoria Beckman gives us another reason why she was always the stylish Spice Girl. This sleeveless romper in black and white has chic written all over it. Her hair follows what seems to be the Cannes updo check list, semi loose, pulled back, with a few soft waterfalling pieces to frame the face. If it’s not broke don’t mess with it! Loving this look on all the ladies who wore it.

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Blog post featured imageBlog post featured imageBlog post featured imageBlog post featured image

Blake and Kristen at Cannes 2016

Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart stepped out for Woody Allen’s opening comedy Café Society at the 69th Cannes film festival. Both ladies looking absolutely lovely. Both actresses are known for a certain type of style and next to each other we are really loving the juxtaposition.

Kristen in her white crop outfit and newly bleached hair is giving a new air about her fashion style.
k-stew-cannesBlake and Kristen at Cannes 2016

Her short haircut, bleach blonde locks, and dark roots give a depth to her fashion look. We can’t get enough. Pair that with her crispy white outfit and she is really stealing the spotlight.
cannnnesBlake and Kristen at Cannes 2016

Blake is known for glamours goddess-like looks and she did not disappoint at Cannes Day 1. Her red jumpsuit, and ponytail was chic with just the right of effortless.
cannesBlake and Kristen at Cannes 2016

Together these two gave a new potency to the word muse.

cannes-1Blake and Kristen at Cannes 2016
True hair inspiration. Isn’t everyone craving a little bit more texture to your look? Wavy hair is making a huge splash recently!

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Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016

If you haven’t seen the looks from the Met Gala 2016 then you are really missing out. Stars came out in full force and showed off some vampy, sassy, fashion forward looks. The clothes were amazing and the hair (in some cases) swept us away. Let’s embark on a journey of hair discussions, we call this #hairconvos

To get the ball rolling let’s talk about a couple of our faves, the #whiteblonde #blondehairdontcare club.
poppy-met-gala-2016Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Poppy rocked some killer long locks a pale pale shade of blonde that looked just exceptional.

met-gala-2016-853x1024Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
We have been talking about Taylor in a whole new way recently. With this bleach blonde look she has been rocking of recent she is really starting to steal the show for us. Her entire look stated with confidence “not a little girl anymore” and we are really loving it. The amount of texture hit the spot for us, and we are really loving the cut. Bangs, a unique take on the bob, and those waves. #Slaygirl #slay #taylorswift

kristen-stewart-met-galaHair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
A new addition to the bleach blonde club, Kristen Stewart, normally the dark and bruting type showed off newly brightened hair and some killer silver eye-shadow. She fits in perfectly with this look at the Met Gala. We really respect the risks she takes & enjoy it even more when they come out looking this good!

Another theme we really saw out in full force at the Met Gala was sleek and full of shine.
met-gala-2016-alessandra-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Alessandra has been known to rock those VS bouncy waves quite frequently so seeing her sport a sleek shiny look really stole our hearts.

met-gala-2016-amber-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Amber wore a shoulder length slicked back look. Pulling the hair off the face really added focus on her slightly smoldering eye makeup and of course that dress.

met-gala-2016-brie-larson-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Brie has had a special place in our hearts for a while now, but with her Oscar status she has recently sky-rocketed to the top of everyone’s list. This more angular stark look is a event appropriate fun change from her normal style. She took sleek and shiny to the next level!

met-gala-2016-gigi-hadid-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Gigi is always a show stopped and this sleek and shiny look does not let us down. This fashion chameleon can morph from sweet, to sassy, to sleek with the ease of a wink. We love.

met-gala-2016-kendall-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
It seems these days when you mention Gigi you immediately follow with a Kendall excerpt, and we could not disappoint. Kendall has been gracing the covers and runways with poise. She too shows off a sleek and sexy look, complete with dressing to impress. All around this look slays.

met-gala-lily-aldridge-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Lily Aldridge makes a bold move with her golden brows while staying on perfect par with her sleek and chic hair.

met-gala-poppy-1Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
We can include Poppy in the sleek and sexy category as well as the blonde brigade.

A couple more show-stoppers…
met-gala-2016-haimHair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Haim came out with spectacular hair jewelry, we couldn’t pick our favorite between the three, we would like one of each!

met-gala-2016-ciaraHair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Ciara has been known to push the envelope but this look toe’d the line in a whole new way. This vintage finger wave style juxtaposed with the silver white color walks the perfect line between too much and just enough.

ciara-met-gala-hairHair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Did you love Ciara’s hair or did you think it was over the top?
#Loveit or #Leaveit

met-gala-2016-allison-williams-hair-634x1024Hair Conversations: Met Gala 2016
Last and certainly not least, Allison Williams showed off what we are calling one of the major winners of the evening. He updo sported tastefully placed hair jewels, intricate detailing, and some major craftsmanship. This look is a far stretch from Marine’s flower crown and we loooveee this direction.

met-gala-2016-allison-williamsHair Conversations: Met Gala 2016

This look grabbed our attention and wouldn’t let go. All Hail Alison Williams and her hair guru Rebekah Forecast. The style included fishtail braids and woven hair jewels. #Swoon

alison-williams-met-gala-hairHair Conversations: Met Gala 2016

We loved talking about the hair looks at the Met Gala 2016. So many wonderful styles to choose from.
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Foilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

Allure magazine recently posted an article titled “Meet Foilyage, the Hair-Color Technique Every Brunette Needs to Know About.” We were overjoyed to see that Foilyage is gaining some mainstream attention. The younger but equally sassy sister to Balayage, Foilyage is a technique that builds on the popular “organic hand painted style.”

vSFihemQdtvQ8SYquc1bH_xtkZz8Tq9enwF5M2c5rh4Foilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

“Foilyage is a technique where the color is painted on the hair, just like balayage, but then each painted section is wrapped in foils. This amplifies the effect,” says Lorean Cairns, the owner of Fox & Jane hair salons in New York City and San Diego.” –excerpt from Allure magazine online post.

klD69YxJ2IeV-2KqGrSvj0-Xa_0v_EhGCD0kcl0fRwwFoilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

Our Colorists have used this technique for quite some time now. This really allows them to add additional oomph to pieces of brightness.

jgGtDvRiKG6atxnbal6hJP2vYUk5pbfRJNFWFPiGnTIFoilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level
Rachel Bodt, a senior colorist at Cutler hair salons in New York City, says that she “uses foilyage a lot when clients want the balayage look but they aren’t great candidates for it because their hair is quite dark and they want it significantly lighter. For this, you need help from the foil, which seals in the heat, helps the hair get lighter—balayage dries out when it’s exposed to air—and allows the hair to process evenly.” — excerpt from Allure magazine online post.

9XTKbZvd8vyMlvYhym4Jsz9Xewvsud1NcyDRG3IT25oFoilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

Agnes O. colorist Maria says that she uses this technique when a client’s hair is damaged because the foil allows for extra lift with a lower developer. “Foilyage really saves the hair from unnecessary damage, it helps me get a higher lift to achieve my desired look while not compromising my client’s hair. It’s a life saver when it comes to long locks that need to be lifted quite a bit.”- Maria.

AIKyzX1PIVb1HIsNDq2xctsKSu588fkT5Ak_HaYAgI4Foilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

Maria also calls on Foilyage a lot when she is doing a root touch up as well as strong balayage pieces, because the foil wrap helps the process along she doesn’t need to let the bleach sit for as long ensuring that her color finish up at the same time.

YPLCjwcAvXMTAQ5JiJtXuxeFviAdlNe965dAclYtrxYFoilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

Whether you are a brunette, redhead, or bronde Foilyage is a fantastic weapon in a colorists’ arsenal. Considering a hair color change? Give us a call at 312.265.0481 to schedule your session today.

vumrPH_ySXHah6GnQJ6Jr23uPlZBxM_mbJJJa6yFaFwFoilyage: Taking Balayage to the Next Level

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origional Allure magazine article:

Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst

Marloes-Horst-Marie-Claire-UK-May-2016-Cover-Photoshoot02-211x300Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst graces the cover of Marie Claire UK and Fashion Gone Rouge says so accurately, she gives us major MAJOR hair envy. She shows off smooth, shiny, wavy tresses fit for a queen.

Marloes-Horst-Marie-Claire-UK-May-2016-Cover-Photoshoot04-768x1052-219x300Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst

Marloes has her her hairstylist Panos Papandrianos to thank so this stunning spread, because the hair for sure steals the show.

Marloes-Horst-Marie-Claire-UK-May-2016-Cover-Photoshoot05-768x1046-220x300Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst
The Marie Claire cover says get super model volume now and boy does Marloes’ do make us crave some voluminous soft waves!

Marloes-Horst-Marie-Claire-UK-May-2016-Cover-Photoshoot06-219x300Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst

Marloes-Horst-Marie-Claire-UK-May-2016-Cover-Photoshoot07-768x1048-220x300Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst
What a look, this full ballerina bun shows off her color and style.

Marloes-Horst-Marie-Claire-UK-May-2016-Cover-Photoshoot08-220x300Get BIG Hair with Model Marloes Horst

Say it with us, bombshell waves!

#AgnesO #hairdesign #dermaspa #chicagosalon #hairstyles #ballerinabun #wavyhair #volume #blowout #texturedhair #marloeshorst #marieclaireuk #modelhair #bombshellwaves #blondebombshell #beautifulhair

A Neutral Silver to Die For

neutral-silver-says-darren-275x300A Neutral Silver to Die For

Killer makeup artist Victor Heano featured this beautiful picture on his Instagram. “Inspired by one of my favorite artists: #AndyWarhol “shot by my dear and incredible friend: @sarahmccolgan #makeupbyvictor hair by: Isaac Davidson @wigbar #makeup” —

Our Colorist Darren loved the Andy Warhol reference being a lover of all things art. But was beyond enthralled with this gorgeous silver color. “True neutral silver is extremely hard to achieve and this color is to die for. When the hue is just right it reads truly silve, not blue, not purple, but straight silver,” says Darren.

Thank you Victor Heano for being a constant source of inspiration for us all!

#AgnesO #hairdesign #dermaspa #chicagosalon #haircolor #haircolors #chicagocolorists #darrencoloristchicago #darrenatagneso #victorheanomakeup #makeupbyvictor

Why Boar Bristle Brushes are a MUST

haircut-pic-300x199Why Boar Bristle Brushes are a MUST
Whether you are getting a haircut, an updo, a blowout, or any one of our amazing styling services you will see out stylists here at Agnes O. reach for boar bristle brushes time and time again.
“I cannot tell you how much of a difference boar bristle brushes make over plastic or nylon bristles. My brushes help me give a killer blowout.” – stylist Sylvia Lesiak says while she organizes the multitude of brushes that are consistently within reach of her during her services.
brushes-sylvia-station-300x282Why Boar Bristle Brushes are a MUST
Sylvia isn’t the only one obsessed with boar bristle. Our owner Agnes swears by them. From the smallest to the largest, all the brushes at Agnes’ station are boar bristle. “Boar bristle brushes are better for the hair, spread the natural oils down the hair shaft, and allow me to craft the perfect style for each of my clients. These brushes are a big part of our signature blow-out,” says Agnes.
The salon’s go to brand is Spornette, a well-known industry veteran that has been supplying the stylists of the world with perfectly crafted boar bristle brushes for more than 75 years.
spornette1-300x225Why Boar Bristle Brushes are a MUST
goldilocks-300x285Why Boar Bristle Brushes are a MUST
To achieve the full, voluminous, and sexy finish our clients have come to depend on from Agnes O. blow-out we love the large Spornette round brushes in #955 or #995XL. The bristles are tightly packed together which creates a great grip; holding onto the hair while the stylist works for quicker, more efficient blow-outs. Another signature trick of an Agnes O. stylist is the brush in cool down. Leaving the hair to cool while still wrapped around the brushes created a stunning finish with extra lift and movement.
The combination of talent, technique and the right tools sets an Agnes O. style a head above the rest! Haven’t experienced a session with us yet? Give us a call 312.265.0481, all new clients receive 20% off their first hair session.
GOYK9791-300x200Why Boar Bristle Brushes are a MUST
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Charlize Wows on the Cover of V Magazine

Charlize-Theron-V-Magazine-2016-Cover-Photoshoot01-768x1048-750x1024Charlize Wows on the Cover of V Magazine
Charlize is always giving covet worthy style however her V Magzine spread takes it to a whole new level. Her perfectly tousled & textured hair could make even a mermaid hair fan want to chop their locks shorter.
Charlize-Theron-V-Magazine-2016-Cover-Photoshoot02-768x524Charlize Wows on the Cover of V Magazine
Want to replicate Charlize’s stunning look?
Our go to products:
1. Let’s start with a shampoo and conditioner that help prep the hair for volume and texture. We really like Rene Furterer’s Volumea Shampoo and Conditioner because even though it gives volume it doesn’t dry out the hair to create the volume.
2. Always, always, always use a thermal protector before drying or heat treating hair. We will forever be in love with Kerasatse’ Nectar Thermique.
3. If you have some natural curl/shape or texture to your hair Rene Furterer Control Emulsion is a great post-towel dry application to keep hair soft and tousled.
4. Finish with Rene Furterer’s Dry Texture spray to get that Charlize perfectly imperfect windblown effect.
Charlize-Theron-V-Magazine-2016-Cover-Photoshoot03-768x1044-753x1024Charlize Wows on the Cover of V Magazine
From every angle this look is killing it!
Charlize-Theron-V-Magazine-2016-Cover-Photoshoot04-768x1047-751x1024Charlize Wows on the Cover of V Magazine
#AgnesO #hairdesign #dermaspa #hairstyle #toussled #textured #CharlizeTheron #chicagosalon #HAIRspiration #hairconvos

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