Blonde for the Summer

Harpers Bazaar showcased some stunning summer hair color looks and we want to talk about the blonde hair colors they featured. Summer time for hopefully most of us means more sun so the trend to lighten hair is a popular one. Check out the three blonde colors Harpers featured.

hbz-summer-hair-color-margot-robbie-gettyimages-527408440Blonde for the Summer

This pale yellow color (referenced the color of dressed flax seeds) is a gorgeous diversion from the southern Cali golden blonde we are all very familiar with. Margot’s color has an ash-ier tone to it, and gets very pale blonde at her ends. Compare this to Blake’s golden blonde to see the difference.

blake-goldenBlonde for the Summer

hbz-summer-hair-color-jennifer-lawrence-gettyimages-529760442Blonde for the Summer

Gray has been a buzz word in the color world for more than a hot minute now, but this new voyage into platinum gray is starting to pop up on some of our favorite celebs. J.Law showcased how this edgier color can still be chic and sophisticated. She wow’d at the X-Men: Apocalypse Red Carpet with a white hot dress and hair to match. This light & bright hair color shows off her features and is making us feel like telling our colorist to pull out the bleach (if you do this also ask for Olaplex, the miracle treatment to help keep hair healthy when bleaching). Compare Jennifer’s platinum gray to the popular grandma-hair-grey tone Samantha Ravndahl has been sporting recently.

S-A-M-A-N-T-H-A-RAVNDAHL-gray-1024x672Blonde for the Summer


hbz-summer-hair-color-kirsten-stewart-gettyimages-530547454Blonde for the Summer

Kirsten Dunst has made some fashion moves forward since her days in red and black cheering on those Torros, but we have to say this buttery blonde is on of our favorites. She has tried out some darker colors and even did red for her spot in Spiderman playing the lovely Mary Jane. This color gives her just a bit of warmth from the butter tones but not too much to appear coppery or over-powering. Check out the difference it makes for her over all look versus a darker blonde.
kirsten-darkerBlonde for the Summer

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