Have you met our Colorist Maria?

MariaHave you met our Colorist Maria?

Agnes O. Hair Design & Derma Spa Chicago
Maria Soukup Colorist at Agnes O.
Chicago Colorist
Best Colorist Chicago

Meet our Colorist Maria, Banker to beautician, beautician to manager, manager to creative colorist. Her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail is unquestionable. She understands everyone’s individuality, at the same time she knows how important team work is. The unique approach she takes to hair is greatly influenced by her hunger to learn. She specializes in corrective color and loves to reveal amazing transformations made possible by her elite skills. In her free time she continues to educate herself by not only attending business courses, but also classes at The School of Art Institute in Chicago. This full spectrum of education allows her to approach every situation with an out of the box mentality which makes her a perfect fit at Agnes O.

Specialties : Corrective Color, Balayage, Ombre color, the more creative and more detail oriented the better!

jane-before-and-afterHave you met our Colorist Maria?
Check out this stunning dark to light transformation Maria created for her client Jane.
Maria prides herself on guiding her clients through the phases of a major change. Making sure they are taking care of their hair from step one to step done! She also has an arsenal of tools and treatments to help her with her transformations.

One of her all time favorites is Olaplex.

olaplex-website-1024x791Have you met our Colorist Maria?

Olaplex in salon hair treatment, the most revolutionary hair service to come along in years – best chicago salon Agnes O. Hair Design & Derma Spa

“Taking care of the integrity of my client’s hair is a major MUST. I am also really realistic with my clients about how far we can take their hair at a time. It’s all about building a plan to get them to their goal while keeping their hair in the best shape possible.”- Maria Colorist at Agnes O.
before-and-after-red-to-white-1024x797Have you met our Colorist Maria?

Before and after red hair color to white blonde hair color created by Maria Soukup Colorist at Agnes O hair design and derma spa chicago
best colorist chicago

She created both this gorgeous red ombre and also took this client from the red to a crisp white blonde. What an accomplishment!

She loves pastel colors too!
sabrinaHave you met our Colorist Maria?

Above is the Spring Color Maria created for Agnes O.’s makeup artist Sabrina. Stunning use of balayage to brighten around the face. Below is the summer color she designed for Sabrina. Lavander is a huge trend right now so Maria styled the perfect shade for Sabrina.

sabrina-lavendarHave you met our Colorist Maria?

Maria’s boldness is matched only by her creativity. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with Maria and talk to her about what perfect color she can create for you! (312)-265-0481.

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