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Highlights and Lowlights – Chicago

af251358f18335c42c8a76d236ffbe0d-1-e1420845622572Highlights and Lowlights – Chicago

Best Highlights & Lowlight in Chicago can be found at Agnes O. Hair Design & Derma Spa.


What’s the difference and how to choose? Our expert Colorists are always here to help guide you to the best choices for your complexion, hair and style. If you’re wondering what exactly these terms mean and how the staff at Agnes O. always seem to know exactly what will work best check out this basic explanation:

Highlights are a select spot color process consisting of selecting thick or thin sections of hair and lightening them by at least 2 shades.

Low-lights are a select spot color process consisting of selecting thick or thin sections of hair and warming them or darkening them by a shade or more.

Our colorist work with Highlights and Low-lights to add dimension to your natural or selected hair color. Allow our colorists to customize exactly where each variation on light and dark should settle around your face. We love using our creativity to craft a look that is absolutely perfect for your face, style, and exceeds your expectations.

Whether you are trying to add a little brighteness around your face like Lucy Hale.

lob-with-wavesHighlights and Lowlights – Chicago

Lucy Hale showing off stunning highlights around her face arrives at the 2014 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

Or you want to add some depth and dimension to a darker hair color like Jessica Alba.

low-lightsHighlights and Lowlights – Chicago

Jessica Alba showing off beautiful low lights in warm tones really adds dimension to her hair color.

Agnes O. & our talented team of colorists will craft the perfect look for you. Hair color & cut is the one accessory you wear everyday— better make sure you love it!

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